About Us

Our Mission is to help you create foods that nourish the heart, body, and soul. With love as the main ingredient, we are passionate about making foods that taste good and are also good for you. Nuff seasonings, Nuff flavor, is our guarantee that delicious will never be compromised in our products.

One Love Nuff Seasonings is a brand of Jamaican products operating out of Riverside, California. As the name suggests, love is the main ingredient, and nuff seasonings mean lots of seasonings. The heart in the logo is a reminder that cooking should be done from the heart, for the heart. One love Nuff Seasonings provides a win-win for those who want to create delicious Jamaican flavors while meeting their health goals.

No salt is added to any of the products since salt cannot be removed from the food but can be added in small amounts if needed right before serving. The tagline “The taste is Irie, and the Flavor is Jammin” means that One Love Nuff Seasonings is Jammin (packed) with traditional Jamaican ingredients. Our Irie (pleasing) taste takes you right back to the island while enjoying your favorite Jamaican cuisine. One Love Nuff Seasonings products are authentic and truly represent what we Jamaicans mean when we say, “No problem Mon.” That’s right, cook and enjoy! No added salt, no worries.

Our INGREDIENTS! We currently manufacture our products in-house. Everything is handmade without any machines or co-packers. We use premium ingredients, some locally sourced and some imported from Jamaica.

Our TEAM! One Love Nuff Seasonings is family-owned and operated. We are all health-conscious foodies committed to sharing how to make delicious foods as we do. As a family, we know that when we take care of you, we ultimately take care of each other.

Our PRODUCTS! We guarantee you will be satisfied with our products. Our Jerk Blend is an exquisite blend of vegetables, spices, and herb which creates the foundation for Jamaican Jerk recipes and doubles as the secret ingredient for everything spicy and delicious. One teaspoon or tablespoon will instantly transform the taste of your Curries, Stews, BBQ, Gumbo, Rice & Beans, Vegetable Dishes, and just about any savory dish.

Infuse our unique Dry Blend of herb and spices into your meat dishes to taste the irresistible flavor of Jamaica wherever you are. Add to your savory dishes to find the taste you’ve been searching for. Mix this salt-free gem with olive oil as a marinade baking and grilling. Use with Chicken, Pork, Beef, Fish, Vegetables.

An aromatic blend of spices from around the world converges to create the delicious taste of this Jamaican Curry Blend. Use with Chicken, Goat, Lamb, Fish, and Vegetables.

A little sugar, a lot of spice and everything nice! This finger-licking Jerk Sauce is spicy, tangy, and sweet all in one bite. It adds the wow factor to your Grilled, Rotisserie, BBQ, and Baked Meats and Vegetables.

Our COMMUNITY! We look forward to serving and giving back to our community, a yard, and abroad.